This problem is caused by a conflict between some of the protection features in SystemSuite and other programs that use your Internet connection. Before following the steps below make certain no other virus scanners are currently running on your computer. 

First, uninstall SystemSuite. You can do this from the Start Menu -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs. Following the uninstall make certain you check the install directory at C:\Program Files\(either Ontrack or Vcom)\SystemSuite and delete any remaining files from within the SystemSuite folder. If your first installation did not work properly there may be data files left after the uninstall. Once the folder is empty reinstall SystemSuite following the instructions below. 

While reinstalling select a Complete installation. After the files are copied a screen will appear with four options to enable. Uncheck all of the check boxes next to the items: AutoUpdate, AutoFileScan, AutoEmailScan and Firewall, you can enable these later from within SystemSuite 

Once the install is complete make certain your Internet connection is working. Then you can turn on each of the options listed above with reboots in-between. Start first with the AutoEmailScan, then AutoFileScan, Firewall then AutoUpdate. Please do these steps one at a time. Make certain your Internet connection is working between enabling the each option.