There is a known issue that develops after migrating to Windows 7, if you had one of these products installed beforehand. We released a patch that can correct this issue.  Click on the link below to download the patch:


Save the patch to an easily accessible location, such as your Desktop.  Once it is downloaded, double-click the file to run the patch. You will not see anything running after you double-click on the file. After you do this, you should be able to run the problem program with no further difficulties.

Note: This patch will only resolve the issue with SystemSuite v10, Fix-It v10 or Double Anti-Spy. Versions prior to v10 for SystemSuite & Fix-It are not Windows 7 compatible. 

If for some reason this does not correct the issue with SystemSuite v10, Fix-It v10 or Double Anti-Spy, we suggest that you run the patch once more and then uninstall the problem program. After it is uninstalled, restart your computer. Then, reinstall the program.