We have had reports from some users that upgrading to Service Pack 2 in Windows XP is causing a loss of internet connection. Our testing did not show this prior to the release of Service Pack 2.

At this point we recommend that you temporally disable the firewall in SystemSuite to restore your internet connection. Please run EasyUpdate (HELP > EASYUPDATE) to download the latest SystemSuite patch which corrects this issue. After installation reboot the computer, then enable the firewall.

If you are unable to run EasyUpdate, you can download the patch here:


Remember you should only run one firewall at any time. To disable XP's firewall go to Control Panel > Windows Firewall and choose Off.

To enable the firewall in SystemSuite:

1. Open SystemSuite
2. Select Firewall from the menu bar
3. Select NetDefense
4. Choose Activate NetDefense Firewall