If you have installed either Ghost Surf or Mail Washer, please uninstall both of these applications. Once you have removed them, open Internet Explorer. Select Tools > Internet Options > Connections > LAN Settings > and make certain that proxy server is not checked (unless you specifically recognize and use a proxy server). If it is checked, uncheck it and then OK and close Internet Explorer. Next, reboot the system.

Check in Add/Remove Programs for any other firewall or virus scanner applications. If you have any, please uninstall these. Also, verify if your local router has a firewall. If it does have one, please disable the firewall in SystemSuite. Running two firewalls is not productive and will only lead to connection issues.

After you have done the above, try testing if you have Internet access. If you do not, try setting the firewall to allow all and see if you have Internet access. Let us know if you are still having connection issues at this point.

After troubleshooting you can reinstall Ghost Surf and Mail Washer if you like. To reinstall, simply begin the SystemSuite installation again. Choose a Custom Install and select\deselect the products you would like installed.

For more information please see this article:

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