System Lifeline Pro has not been released yet...stay tuned! 

But here's a preview: An essential tool for NT system administrators and users, System Lifeline Pro will help access and recover an NT or Windows 2000 system that has problems starting up. A lite version of System Lifeline is included with Fix-It Utilities. 

Accessed either from a special set of boot floppies or from a keystroke early in the normal boot process, System Lifeline Pro will give command-line access to an NT system. From this powerful and versatile command prompt, you will be able to perform file management operations on floppies, CDs, and hard disk FAT and NTFS partitions. Also, the registry can be viewed and edited, lost or broken logins can be repaired, disk checkups can be run, backups of system files can be restored, text files can be edited, and many other functions are available. System Lifeline Pro will give you room to work in situations that would otherwise be hopeless.