This is probably occurring because you have more than one virus scanner trying to load in the background and they are conflicting with each other. 

Turn off the machine then restart it. As the machine is powering up, tap on the F8 key to access the Windows Boot Menu. This is a point just prior to the Window’s graphic displaying during boot up. From the Boot Menu, select Safe Mode. Once in Safe Mode open the ‘My Computer’ icon and navigate to C:\Program Files\vcom\ and rename the folder, either SystemSuite or Fix-It, to OldSuite then reboot. Another option for users of 98/ME/XP is to go to the Start Menu -> Run and type MSCONFIG then press ‘OK’. From here, click on the Startup tab and uncheck all items. Press ‘Apply’, then ‘OK’ then shut down and reboot. 

Following these steps, allow the machine to startup into normal mode. Once there, go to the Start Menu -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs and locate any non-Vcom virus scanners. Highlight them and select remove to uninstall them from your system. Once any other programs are removed you can rename the OldSuite directory back it it’s original name of either SystemSuite or Fix-It to restore program functionality.