VCOM generally discontinues support for prior versions of its products 6 months after the release of the latest versions. SystemSuite 5 and Fix-It Utilities 5 were released over 6 months ago and as such, email support was discontinued as of December 31, 2003.

VCOM provides support for prior versions of its products in the form of searchable KB articles on this site.

In general, unless otherwise stated, VCOM will cease email and phone(if originally available) support 6 months after the release of the newest version of  the product. For products requiring AntiVirus updates, specifically, SystemSuite and Fix-It Utilities, automatic updates may be discontinued through the EasyUpdate process at the same time. If you are having problems using EasyUpdate to acquire your AV pattern files, please check the following page to find out if that feature has been discontinued:

If it has not been discontinued, then there may be an issue with EasyUpdate itself, and you should consult the KB articles.

Please be advised, that VCOM reserves the right to cease providing automatic and manual updates at any time after main support is discontinued, but shall only do so after providing ample notice on the above mentioned web page.