Effective February 13th 2004, VCOM is unable to provide anti-virus update pattern files for SystemSuite and Fix-It Utilities versions 3 and 4. 

Changes to the AntiVirus engine provided by Trend Micro necessitated a new pattern file formatting from Trend Micro. This was done to enhance the security and effectiveness of the AntiVirus application. Unfortunately this means that users of Fix-It and SystemSuite version 4.0 can no longer utilize these pattern files. 

Both SystemSuite 5 and Fix-It Utilities 5 include this new AntiVirus engine. 

If you would like to upgrade to Fix-It 5 or SystemSuite 5, then please go to the following page:


For users currently experiencing a slow-down after running the EasyUpdate, please run EasyUpdate once more to receive the final pattern file update for 4.0 users.

As of January 1st, 2004 email support for the 4.0 version has been discontinued. The KB section of the VCOM support site is still available but no support is available.