If you have SystemSuite or Fix-It Utilities installed you can use them to check for a virus. First, run EasyUpdate to get the latest Anti-Virus pattern file. Then, run one of the VirusScanner tools to scan for viruses. We recommend you use the DeepScan option to scan the most possible files. To access this, click Anti-Virus from the program’s home window. Then, click DeepScan.

If you cannot follow those steps or do not have one of our scanners installed, connect to the Internet and try going to Trend Micro's Housecall service. Trend Micro is our partner in providing leading-edge virus scanning technologies. Go to this page:


This is a secure, on-line, on-demand service that will scan your system for viruses. If you find a virus, go to the Virus Encyclopedia to search for information on how to remove any viruses that are found on your system:


For advanced Anti-Virus system cleaning please see this article:

The virus scanner says that I have a virus but cannot clean it. How do I use Sysclean to clean the virus? (KB000016)