PowerDesk 6 has some new features that will blow your socks off!
· New compression formats handled - New! PowerDesk doubles its already strong file compression handling from 16 formats to 32. Now users can easily compress and expand files from all popular compression formats. PowerDesk also allows users to see within many archives to see the entire list of files and selectively view the contents or extract with a simple drag and drop operation. Supported compression types include .arc, .ark, .arj, .as, .bin, .btoa, .bz2, .cab, .compact, .cpt, .dwc, .freeze, .gz, .hqx, .jar, .lha, .lzh, .mime, .pak, .pf, .rar, .sit, .sitx, .sco, .tar, .taz, .tgz, .uu, .ync, .z, .zip, .zoo. 
· Updated XP Style is Customizable - New! The style of PowerDesk now matches the XP standards and goes beyond with the ability to select different style "skins". It even includes multiple skins, and you can select from thousands of additional skin styles from the Internet.
· Sync Manager - Improved! New drop-down history automatically remembers previous synchronization operations so you can quickly repeat common actions.
· Configuration Export/Import - New! Save your entire configuration in one file. Includes styles, options, layouts and FTP sites. Makes it easy to use the same configuration on multiple locations.
· Layout Manager - New! PowerDesk Pro can save a current layout to a chosen icon. With one click, the layout is restored, including its multiple pane view, selected folders, filters and other options previously used. Users can save any number of layouts to save time and increase productivity.
· Thumbnails - Improved! Thumbnails now support over 150 file formats, including graphics, documents and much more!
· File Finder - Improved! New quick search buttons for some of the most popular searches, including choices for documents, photos, audio, movies, and files modified today.
· Basic Toolbar - New! This new larger toolbar has the most common functions including Back, Forward, File Finder, Favorites, Sync Manager, Size Manager and FTP. You can also disable this toolbar if preferred.
· Many Other Changes and Improvements - Many new enhancements make operations even easier, faster and more intuitive. Some of these include the new keyboard shortcut manager, back and forward options similar to Internet Explorer, filter on indicator, handles UNC paths, improved built in file viewer, and much more!