This toolbar was removed from PowerDesk as of version 6. Most of the functionality is now present in the fixed toolbars within PowerDesk.

For users who wish to continue using the detachable toolbar from version 5, we have created an executable which may be used to install the toolbar in the new 6.0 version. Please note, this is an unsupported addition to the new PowerDesk 6. Technical support will not be provided for this toolbar for users of PowerDesk version 6.

To install:

  1. Download the "PDToolBr.exe" file attached below to your PowerDesk install folder. Default location C:\Program Files\VCOM\PowerDesk.
  2. Double-click the file to install the toolbar.
  3. Locate the file PDesk.exe and double-click this to open the toolbar install program.
  4. Still in the PowerDesk folder, double-click Pdesk.exe to configure the toolbar.
  5. Run the toolbar by running the file Toolbar1. You may wish to drag a shortcut to this file to your PowerDesk launchbar.

Note: This is an unsupported addition to PowerDesk 6.