This error message will be due to one of two things:

1) There is an error in some JavaScript code on your page, or,
2) You have used DHTML transition effects, and Internet Explorer is having trouble displaying them.

Please check the following things:

- Make sure the "package name" on the Build Web Site screen does not contain any punctuation characters, specifically ' and # can cause problems.
- If you have added any custom HTML or JavaScript code to your page, try removing it then see if you still have the problem. If this solves it you will need to examine the custom code you have added to your page to work out where the error is.
- If you have used DHTML transition effects, try removing them and see if the problem goes away. Unfortunately if this solves it, it means Internet Explorer is not installed correctly. I had this same problem once on my computer, and re-installing Internet Explorer solved it for me. You don't have to re-install Windows itself - it should be enough to go to Microsoft's web site and run the Internet Explorer installer from there.