iEasySite currently has an issue with publishing a site with frames such as the general template. An index.htm file is automatically created which redirects to the first page of your site, however this file should really be the file that sets up the frames.

To fix this at the moment you can do the following - this example assumes your package name is "general" - you will need to replace all occurrences of the word "general" with your real package name:

You will need to do a couple more steps before you upload you site each time.

1) Go to the folder you have built your site into. (Have a look at the build dialog to see where your files are being built. By default it is in the HTML folder under the WebEasy folder)

2) Open the file called general.txt. This file holds a list of the files to be uploaded. Make a copy of the last line on this file it look something like 
"2002/09/30 11:48 general.htm"
and change the file name to index.htm
The end of this file should now look like this
2002/09/30 11:48 general.htm
2002/09/30 11:48 index.htm

Close and save this file

3) Make a copy of the file on your disk called general.htm and rename the copy to index.htm
So you should now have a file called index.htm and general.htm that are exactly the same.

4) Now if you go back to WebEasy and publish the site using the iEasySite Publish wizard the frames will work how they do in preview mode.