First, create and save all your documents. After you have done this, you can use the "Link to Document" option to link them together.

1) Open one of your documents and select the item you want to link.
2) Click the "Link" button in the top toolbar.
3) On the "Document Navigation" tab, select "Document".
4) Click the little yellow browse button next to the "Document" box to locate the WebEasy document to link to.
5) Enter the page number to link to in the "Page" box.
6) Click OK.

Links between documents don't work in preview mode because only one site exists in the preview folder at a time. However, you can preview the sites in your browser by doing this:

1) Open one site.
2) Go to the "Build" menu and select "Web Site (HTML)".
3) Make a note of the "Folder" setting.
4) Make sure the "run now" and "publish" boxes are not checked.
5) Click OK to build the site.
6) Open another site.
7) Go to the "Build" menu and select "Web Site (HTML)".
8) Make sure the "Folder" setting is the same as it was in step 2.
9) Check the "run now" box, but leave the "publish" box unchecked.
10) Click OK to build and view the site. If you are asked to delete any files not required, say "No".

When you publish your sites, you need to publish them to the same folder on your server. Make sure you publish the site that you want to appear by default last.