Inline frames can be a little tricky, but you can create them as follows.


1) Add a page to your site - this page will be used as the inline frame. Put whatever you want on the page, then make a note of the page number.
2) Go to the "Build" menu and select "Web Site (HTML)". Make a note of the Package Name then click Cancel.
3) Go to the page where you want the inline frame to be.
4) Add an image to this page - this image will be replaced by the inline frame when you view your site in your web browser.
5) Select the image then go to the "Tools" menu and select "Custom Script Assistant".
6) Select the "Object" events button then enter the following code in the "Contents" box:

<iframe src="mysite_002.htm" width="200" height="200">

...but replace "mysite" with the Package Name of your site, and replace "002" with the three digit page number of the page mentioned in step 1. You will need to set the width and height appropriately for your design.
7) Click OK.

The iframe won't work in preview mode, so to preview your site in your web browser, do the following:

1) Go to the "Build" menu and select "Web Site (HTML)".
2) Check the "run now" box and un-check the "publish" box.
3) Click OK.

If you can't see the inline frame when you view your site in your web browser, try changing the Package Name on the "Build Web Site" screen so that it's all lower case and contains no spaces or other punctuation. You will also need to change the iframe code in step 6 to match.

Targeting Links to IFRAMEs

You need to give the iframe a name, then use the "Link to Script" option for your links so you can target the iframe. For example:

1) Use the following code to create the iframe:

<iframe name="iframe01" src="mysite_002.htm" width="200" height="200">

...the name can be whatever you want, provided it starts with a letter, and has no spaces or punctuation.
2) Select the text or image that you want to link so it opens in the iframe.
3) Click the "Link" button in the top toolbar.
4) Select the "Internet" tab.
5) Select the "Script" button.
6) In the "Script" box, enter the following code:

href="mysite_003.htm" target="iframe01"

...but replace "mysite_003.htm" with the name of the page to link to, and make sure "iframe01" matches the name specified for the iframe.
7) Click OK.

If you want to have links to other sites open in the iframe, you need to enter the full URL of the other site (e.g.: in place of "mysite_003.htm" in step 6.