A rollover image that triggers the display of another image elsewhere on the screen can be created as follows. Note that the same technique can be used with text instead of images.

  1. Create a new blank page
  2. Put three photos on your page.
  3. Make two of them exactly the same size and position:
    1. Select them both (hold down CTRL and click each in turn)
    2. Right-click one of them and select "Fit -> Make Same Size"
    3. Right-click one of them and select "Fit -> Make Same Position"
  4. Select the third photo, right-click it and select "Order -> Send to Back".
  5. Select all three photos. You can do this by dragging a selection rectangle around all three photos
  6. Right-click on one of the photos and select Group
  7. Go to the Build menu and select Preview.
  8. Click the Options button
  9. Check the Dynamic HTML box
  10. Click OK
  11. Click OK again to preview your site

When you roll your mouse over the images that are the same size and position, they will change, and the third image will appear.