Firstly, the order form included with WebEasy Professional is really only intended as a very simple solution, and is not secure as the customer's details are sent to you via email. You are generally much better off signing up with a third party such as PayPal. However, extra lines can be added to the order form as follows:

1) Select the four fields that make up the line in the form
2) Copy and paste them to a new location
3) Select the new product name field
4) Go to the "Tools" menu and select "Custom Script Assistant".
5) Make sure the "Object Events" button is selected
6) In the Contents box, change the name from "Product_1_Name" to
7) Click OK
8) Repeat steps 3-7 for the other new fields (Product_1_Price to
Product_2_Price etc.)
9) For a third line, repeat steps 1-8, but use Product_3_Name, then
Product_4_Name for the fourth line...

By default, all text fields are required. This behavior is determined by the script attached to the "Send Details" button. You can make all fields optional by doing this:

1) Drag-n-drop a form onto the page. The form should be selected.
2) Click the "Send Details" button to select it individually.
3) Go to the "Tools" menu and select "Custom Script Assistant".
4) Make sure "Object Events" is selected
5) In the "Contents" box, scroll down to about the middle of the script. You should see this code:

if('text,textarea,password,file'.indexOf(obj.type.toLowerCase()) >= 0) { if( (itm=obj.value) == '') { alert('Please enter required information in the field.'); obj.focus(); return(false); } }

6) Replace the above section of code with this, making sure you don't change any other code:

if('text,textarea,password,file'.indexOf(obj.type.toLowerCase()) >= 0) { itm=obj.value; }

7) Click OK.

...Now preview the site, and all form fields will be optional.

Unfortunately there is currently no easy way to make some fields required and some optional.