Be Free and provide an affiliate marketing program that allows you to advertise products on your site and receive a commission on the sale of those products. The products are available from a multitude of different merchants - you pick the ones you want. Essentially, you have to place links to the merchants on your web site.

To become an affiliate of a vendor and earn commissions on sales:

1) Make sure you have already published your web site. Merchants generally examine your web site to make sure it is suitable before they will let you become an affiliate.
2) Activate your Internet connection
3) Open your web site in WebEasy and go to the page where you want to insert the link to a vendor
4) Pull down the "Insert" menu. Select "Component" and another menu will appear. Select "Dynamic Link".
5) You will see the first page of the Dynamic Link Assistant. Click "Next" to continue.
6) You will see the "Select Vendor" page of the Dynamic Link Assistant. Select the "Be Free" tab.
7) If you want to find out more about the affiliate marketing program provided by Be Free, click the "I would like to know more about Be Free program" link. Your web browser will open and take you to the Be Free web site. From here, click on the "Affiliates" link, then select "Sign Up Now" and complete the sign-up process. During this process you will be able to select the merchants you wish to affiliate with. Depending on the merchant it may take a while (24 hours or more) for your application to be approved.
8) Once your application has been approved, in the Dynamic Link Assistant check the box labeled "I am a member of Be Free", then click "Next" to continue.
9) You will see the "Get HTML Code" page of the Dynamic Link Assistant. Click the "I would like to get the HTML code from Be Free Site." Your web browser will open and take you to the members only area of Here you must log in using the username and password obtained during the sign up process.
10) Go to the Creating Links section and following the instructions to obtain HTML code for the links you want.
11) Return to the Dynamic Link Assistant and check the box labeled "Yes, I have copied the HTML code", then click "Next" to continue.
12) You will see the "Insert HTML Code" page of the Dynamic Link Assistant. To insert the HTML code, click the "Paste" button. This is the right-most button above the text box. Once you have pasted the code into the text box, click "Next" to continue.
13) You will see the final page of the Dynamic Link Assistant. If you want to use this particular link again in another web site, or on another page, check the box labeled "Add as an Object into Dynamic Links" and enter a name for the link. This will allow you to insert the link again using drag-and-drop.
14) Click the "Finish" button, then click on your web page where you want the link to appear. A placeholder image will appear in your page.
15) Build a preview of your web site to test the design. Make a note of the size of the link, then return to WebEasy and resize the placeholder image to match.
16) That's it! You have successfully added a link to another merchant from which you will earn commissions.