WebEasy Professional provides the option to convert text to an image, so that it will always look exactly the same in all web browsers as it does in your design. The only issue with doing this is that images are slower to download than text, so it is recommended that this be used sparingly.


1) Select the text.
2) Go to the "Build" menu and select "Component -> Image".
3) Enter a name for the image, and perhaps change what folder the image will be saved in.
4) In the "Image format" box, select either "Compuserve GIF" or "Portable Network Graphic".
5) Click the "Advanced" button.
6) Check the "Transparent color" box.
7) Click the colored box next to this button and choose a color - you should choose a color similar to the background you will be putting the text on top of, or similar to the text color, because you may end up with a slight "halo" in this color around the text.
8) Click OK to close the Advanced Image Options screen.
9) Check the "Replace selection with new image" box.
10) Check the "Export selection" box.
11) Uncheck the "Run now" box.
12) Click OK.

When you click OK, your text will be saved as an image in the folder specified, then put on your page in place of the existing text. If it appears squashed, right-click it and select "Fit -> Original Image Size". Please note that it is not possible to convert the image back to text, so you will be unable to edit the text itself after doing the above.