Java applets can be integrated using the Custom Script Assistant in WebEasy Professional.


1) Insert an image into your page in the position where you want the applet to be.
2) Select the image.
3) Click the "Link" button in the top toolbar.
4) Select the "Internet" tab.
5) Select the "File" button.
6) Use the little browse button next to the "File Name" box to locate the Java CLASS, ZIP or JAR file.
7) Click OK.
8) Make sure the image is still selected.
9) From the "Tools" menu select "Custom Script Assistant"
10) In the window that appears, make sure the "Object Events" button is selected.
11) The Java applet will require some HTML code in order to function. Type your HTML code in the text box labeled "Contents", or paste it in by pressing CTRL-V.
12) At the very start of your code, enter [code]<DIV>[code]. At the very end of your code, enter [code]</DIV>[code]. You should end up with code that looks something like this:

[code]<DIV><APPLET CODE....... 

13) Click "OK".

One problem you may have using Java applets is that if they display images (or other files) you will need to manually upload the images they use. You can do this using FTP Max (which is available by selecting "Transfer Files" from the Tools menu) or using another FTP program.