In WebEasy you can choose which folders are for documents, pictures etc. If you have set the "My Documents" folder to be (for example) "c:\website\files", then all folders under that folder are considered to contain documents, and when you drop an image from one of these folders onto the page, it will be linked to rather than inserted in the page.

Here's a couple of suggestions:
A) 1) Go to Tools -> Options -> Folders
2) Change the "My Documents" folder to something like "c:\website\files\documents"
3) This will allow images elsewhere under "c:\website\files\" to behave normally.

B) 1) Use notepad to create a file called "weDir.ini"
2) Inside this file place the following text:


3) Place this file in (for example) "c:\website\files\images" 
4) Images from this folder will be dropped as images, rather than as links

Note: the weDir.ini file can go in a folder higher up the tree, in which case it will affect all subfolders below the folder you place it in.