If you go to the "Tools" menu, select "Options" then select the "Image" tab, you can adjust the image anti-aliasing and compression ("saving image files") settings. These will affect the quality of images resized in WebEasy. Typically, if you are reducing the size of an image in WebEasy, you will get a good result. If you are increasing the size of an image substantially beyond its original dimensions, I would expect the result to be less good, because basically you just end up just duplicating existing pixels. Another thing to check is the image format used when generating the HTML. If you go to the "Build" menu, select "Preview" then click the "Options" button, try changing "transparency" from GIF to JPEG, if it's set on GIF. This will produce a better result for photorealistic images. Finally, if you really can't get the results you want, I'd suggest using an application like PhotoShop to manipulate the images prior to use in WebEasy.