You can insert a movie or other multimedia file into your document using the Insert Photo dialog. To insert a movie: 1) Click to display the Edit taskbar. 2) Click Image to display the Edit Image toolbar. 3) Click Insert , and select Photo as if to insert a new photo. 4) The Choose Image dialog opens. 5) Type *.* in the file open box, press enter. 6) Browse to find the movie that you want to insert. 7) Click OK. 8) Click on the page where you want to display the movie. Notes: The movie will not run in the document until it has been built. To view a quick display of the Web page with the movie, preview the Web site by clicking the Preview button in the Build toolbar. Tip: This feature is not supported by Netscape. If you want viewers using Netscape to see the movie, you can embed it as an embedded object using the Link dialog.