Please try the following: 1) Make sure that you have installed as a user with admin privileges and that you are running as a user with admin privileges. 2) If this still happens (Windows XP instructions), 1. Press 'Ctrl + Alt + Del' 2. Click on the 'task manager' button 3. Click on the 'processes' tab 4. Find 'WebEasy6.exe' in the list of processes and click on it to select it. 5. Click the 'End Process' button to kill the WebEasy process. 3) Also, WebEasy will not run in any folders that contain a . in it. So if it is installed to a folder such as "c:\program files\web.easy\" it will not run. 4) Please check that you have the following files installed in the program folder; vcomKB.dat and they are not 0 bytes