If you’ve already been using a previous version of WebEasy Pro, this latest version of WebEasy Pro is more powerful than ever. New features give you more control in creating the most professional looking sites, while still maintaining the simplicity of creating a site by dragging and dropping objects onto your page. With a new look-and-feel, WebEasy Pro is still the most impressive and easiest web site builder available today. Here is a partial list of what’s new:

•Styles: Design your web site with styles and gain greater control and flexibility over maintaining your web site. For more information, see “Item Styles” in the online help.

•Inspector Window: The new Inspector window gives you full access to all aspects of your web site. For more information, see “The Inspector” on page 21.

•Cascading Style Sheets (CSS): Full support for Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) allowing you to separate the layout of your site and the content of your site. Both HTML and XHTML standards are supported using CSS. In addition, different measurement units are also supported when creating web sites with CSS. For more information, see “Item Styles” in the online help.

•Fully compliant with all internet standards: Fully compliant HTML code is generated that passes W3C recommendations and validation. You also now have more control over how the HTML code is generated.
•Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Greater access to all aspects of your web site and generation of fully compliant HTML improves the SEO of your web site designs.

•RSS Feed Support: Add RSS feeds to your site with WebEasy's automatic RSS feed generator. For more information, see “Adding RSS To Your Site” in the online help.

•New color selector to help you choose safe web colors. For more information, see “Select Color Dialog” in the online help.

•All web browsers supported: Preview and test your web sites in your preferred web browser(s).

•New web site templates to choose from.