You need to first download the website from your website host provider. If you are uncertain how to do this or have problems, your website host can help you with this step.

Once you have the website downloaded to your local machine, you are ready to import it: ( Please note, these steps only apply to WebEasy Professional 5 and above)

Click the HOME button to display the Home taskbar.
Click Design to display the Design toolbar.
Click Create a new blank document . The New Document dialog is displayed.
Click the Import button. The Import Web Site dialog is displayed.
Choose the HTML file which should become the main page of the Web Site and click the Open button.
Wait for the conversion process to complete.
At this point a new Web Site design document is created in memory.

Tips: All the images on the design pages are linked directly to the original HTML Web Site folders. It is recommended to save the final result in a separate folder as an archive, where all the necessary images will be copied for future use.

Please note that in certain circumstances WebEasy may not be able to import all the elements and attributes from the existing HTML files. However you should be able to import and restore all your text and image elements, as well as the position of these items