What's new in WebEasy Professional version 7.0

The new version of WebEasy Professional is more powerful than ever and has new features to give you more control in creating the most professional looking sites, while still maintaining the simplicity of creating a site by dragging and dropping objects onto your page. With a new look-and-feel, WebEasy is still the most impressive and easiest web site builder available today!

The major new features are:

New Photo Web Wizard. The Photo Web Page Wizard allows users to quickly generate web pages containing their favorite photos. The wizard lets users collect and group their photos from their computer and then choose a web site style theme. The wizard will automatically detect and include the photo information (Exif) created by many digital cameras. The photos description and title can then easily be added or modified.

eBay(tm) Web Page Wizard. The eBay Web Page Wizard allows users to generate web pages that are compatible with eBay. The user simply chooses a web page template and theme, and then adds photos of the items for sale, and descriptive text. With just one click, the HTML code is ready to be pasted into the eBay Item Description input field.

Popup Menu Wizard. The Popup Menu Wizard allows the user to define multi-level drop down menus for their web pages. Text can easily be added for each menu item, and the associated link and the style of the menu item can be quickly modified.

Style Designer. The Style Designer allows users to mix-and-match elements on their web pages, and choose a style or theme that they like. By applying various styles and themes to the elements like headers, footers, navigation items or content, the user can quickly change the overall look-and-feel in a consistent manner. This allows users to easily 'freshen-up' their site in just a few easy steps.

Style Templates have been introduced, providing unified style classes and the color themes.

RSS Feeds and Podcast Support. WebEasy extends RSS feeds support by adding ability to include podcasts automatically.

Improved Multimedia Support. All popular Internet file formats are now supported, including Adobe Flash Video (FLV) format. Users can now embed YouTube or Google Video on their Web sites with pre-defined objects and embedded links.

Improvements and Enhancements. Over 100 user-requested enhancements have been added, including the re-design and improvement of many dialogs. Microsoft Windows Vista is now supported.

Transparency Effect. Image Effects have been extended, allowing the user to nominate a range of transparent colors for the selected image.

Find Dialog. Style Classes can be now quickly located on the page and design items.

Inspector Window. The improved Inspector window gives the user better access to all aspects of their web site.

Fully compliant with all internet standards. Web East generates fully compliant HTML code that passes W3C recommendations and validation. The user also has more control over how the HTML code is generated.

Over 20 exciting new web site templates to choose from:

The Inspector window is at central to the new features in WebEasy. It allows you to view and edit properties and styles of your site in a flash. There are over 140 properties and styles so you will have full control over how your site is built and displayed.

To have your site built in the most professional manner, WebEasy now has full support of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). The HTML code produced by WebEasy is so good now you would think it was hand written by a professional! Once again using the Inspector window you have the ability to access the important CSS styles, and if you don't know what CSS Styles are, it doesn't matter. WebEasy still can write all the code for you! However the great thing is with the Custom CSS editor now included you can hand write any of the 100's of Styles defined by CSS if that is what you prefer. All this with the piece of mind that by choosing to build as one of the new CSS build types the code built for you will be compliant with W3C Standards.

To get your site found by as many people as possible WebEasy has vastly improved methods for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The Style sheet functionality in WebEasy allows users to apply standard HTML styles to elements - for example <h1>, <h2>, <blockquote>, etc. to make sure the search engines have every chance to find your site. You also now have the ability to directly set and control HEAD and META definitions on all the pages with your site, and you can set the tag names you want to use for the items on your page.

The Inspector window has the ability to control what type of measurement units your site uses. By exporting relative to the size the user has set for their font your site will be scaled to suit the users needs. You can also design your site to resize as realign as the user sizes their browser or based on the resolution the user has set their display to.

CSS borders now allow you to set up a wide variety of borders for your images and even text items in your site. These borders are a great effect when applied to text or images. You can also add CSS padding to objects to nicely space out your text.

It is now easier than ever to preview your web site on any web browsers you have installed. WebEasy finds all installed web browsers and at the click of a button you can see what your site will look like in any of these browsers. You can also customize this list to add any application you want.

The File Browser is now faster and now fully embedded into WebEasy to make building and managing your sites easier.

We want your site to look good on as many users computers as possible, that is why we have included an all new Web Safe Palette color selector that allows you to limit your design colors to those that will show exact colors on users machines with low color displays.

For those who want even more control of how their HTML code looks you can now specify the case of the exported HTML code.

A pattern feature is also new in this Version. Patterns can be applied as the background of your page, or even the background of your text items or fields. These patterns are saved as small efficient gif images and tiled by the browser to create the effect when your page is built.

XML RSS feed files can be automatically generated for the page. This will let your customers know that you have updated your web site.

These powerful new features are sure to make your web site the best it has ever been. We hope you enjoy using WebEasy!


Some of the documents created with previous version of WebEasy may need refreshing of the links and resources. Simple choose Auto Repair when getting WebEasy to prompt you for missing files and save your design document when the searching procedure is completed.