The thumbnail database may have become corrupted causing the browser to fail to load or there is a conflict in a software .DLL file.

Solution 1: Rebuild the thumbnail database.

  1. Make sure WebEasy is not open
  2. Open "My Computer" or "Windows Explorer"
  3. Go to the folder - "C:\Program Files\V Communications\WebEasy\ixlaBrowser"
  4. Delete the files "IxlaIcon.icl" and "IxlaIcon.ics"
  5. Go to the folder "C:\Program Files\Common Files\IXLA Limited\DataBases" and delete all the files contained in this folder.
  6. Note: this will <u>NOT</u> delete your image files. The thumbnails will be recreated when the folder is opened in the browser.
  7. Next, open WebEasy. If the message does not appear but you still do not see the photo browser, check to see if the photo browser is turned on:
  8. Select Tools - Options from the top menu.
  9. Select the General Tab in the dialog box.
  10. Make sure the 'Show Photo Browser' check box is ticked.
  11. Close the dialog box.

The photo browser should now be displayed.

Solution 2: DLL file conflict

If the above solution did not fix this issue, you could have a conflict in one of the .DLL files.

  1. Open 'My Computer' or 'Windows Explorer'
  2. Go to the folder "C:\Program Files\Common Files\IXLA Limited\dlls\v2.0"
  3. Rename the file ioReady.dll to ioReady.old
  4. Download the new "ioReady.dll" from the linkĀ at the bottom of this pageĀ into this folder.
  5. Re-register the ixla servers. To do this, go to the start menu and select "Run". In the text box labelled "Open", enter the following text:
  6. "C:\program files\common files\ixla limited\dlls\v2.0\ixlaCatalogServer.exe" /RegServer
  7. ..Then click "OK". Repeat the above step with this text:
  8. "C:\program files\common files\ixla limited\dlls\v2.0\ixlaThumbnailServer.exe" /RegServer
  9. Open WebEasy

The photo browser should now be displayed.