WebEasy does not include site search capabilities, because this generally requires some server-side processing. However, there are a number of free search providers around, such as http://www.freefind.com. They will provide you with some custom HTML code to add to your site, which you can do using the Custom Script Assistant in WebEasy Professional.

1) Insert an image into your page in the position where you want the custom code to be.
2) Select the image.
3) From the "Tools" menu select "Custom Script Assistant"
4) In the window that appears, make sure the "Object Events" button is selected.
5) Type your custom HTML code in the text box labeled "Contents", or paste it in by pressing CTRL-V.
6) Click "OK".

After doing this the image acts as a placeholder for your custom HTML code. When you preview the site, the image will be replaced by your code. You may need to resize the image, depending on the code you have entered. Note that if you use copy-and-paste to duplicate the placeholder, you will need to manually add the script to the new placeholder image - it will not be copied automatically.