There's two answers for this:

1) Use the Windows character map program:

- Run the Windows character map program (this should be in the Start Menu under Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> Character Map on Windows 2000).
- Select the font you want to use, then click a symbol, click the Select button and click the Copy button to copy the symbol to the clipboard.
- While entering text in WebEasy, press CTRL-V to paste the symbol in.

The only problem with this is that it will give you the correct symbol on Windows, for English users. It *may* give you the correct symbol when viewing the site on other operating systems in other languages, or it may not...

2) Use HTML Entity References:

- When entering text in WebEasy, enter © for a copyright symbol, or ™ for a trademark.

This is the most universal solution, because it will give you the correct character regardless of whether it's viewed using Windows in English, or on another OS in another language. You'll find lists of all the entities you can use at