In an effort to improve our hosting services, we are in the process of migrating our users to our new hosting platform. 

A patch was released that will allow you to publish your site to the new platform. To get this patch, please open WebEasy. Then, go to the Help menu and select the "Check for Updates" option. Please make sure that you update the program to version 8.07. You may need to install older updates before the update to 8.07 is available to you. You can check to see which version number you currently have installed by going to Help - About.

If you are not able to update the program through the steps above, you can manually update the program by following these steps:

1) Close WebEasy, if it is currently open
2) Use the following link to download the update file:

3) Save the file to an easily accessible location, such as your Desktop
4) After the file downloads, double-click on the file to open it
5) Extract the contents to an easily accessible location
6) Close the previously opened ZIP file
7) Perform the appropriate action for your version of Windows:

Windows Vista/7: Right-click UpdatePublishingWizard.bat and choose "Run as Administrator". This requires Administrator permissions in order to run correctly.

Windows XP: Right-click UpdatePublishingWizard.bat and choose the Open option.

8) Press any key to exit the update after it completes

Once the update has been installed, you should now be able to publish your website.