WebEasy includes a "save as archive" feature which will copy your web site file and all the images and other media files used in your site to a single folder. You can then use a tool such as WinZip - available from http://www.winzip.com - if you want to compress these files to put them on a floppy disk, or transfer them between two computers.

1) Open "My Computer" or "Windows Explorer"
2) Go to the "My Documents" folder
3) Create a new folder in which to backup your web site. You can do this by selecting "New -> Folder" from the "File" menu.
4) Open your site in WebEasy then go to the "File" menu and select "Save As -> Archive". Go to the folder created in step 3 and click "Save".
5) Close the file

Your web site is now backed up. You can now open your original web site file again, and continue working on it.