This can be done using the Link to Script option in WebEasy Professional.


1) Add some text or an image to your page - this will become the link
2) Select the item on your page and click the "Links" button in the top toolbar
3) Select the "Internet" tab
4) Select the "Script" button
5) In the "Script" box, enter the following code:

href="javascript:void('', '', 'resizable=yes,scrollbars=yes,status=yes,width=620,height=420'))"

This will create a link to that opens in a new window. The window will be resizable, have scrollbars and a status bar, and its dimensions will be 620 x 420 pixels. It will not have any toolbars or menus. You can replace the part with the URL of the page you want to open. If you want to open a page of your own site, you would enter something similar to 'mysite_003.htm', depending on which page you want to link to, and the package name of your site. Note that this sort of link to a page in your site won't work in preview mode - it will only work once your site has been published, or if you view it by Building it to HTML, then opening it in your browser.

This technique uses JavaScript to open the new window. There are some good JavaScript tutorials available at if you would like to learn more about this language.