WebEasy 4 does not support changing the style of individual words within a block of text. Likewise, links can only be created on whole text blocks, not on individual words within a block.

The ability to change individual words in a block of text is available in WebEasy 5. You can contact sales for upgrade information.

For Advanced Use Only

It is actually possible to type HTML code into a text block along with the normal text, and thus change the style of individual words, for example:

This is red text.

Please note that this technique is not generally recommended, as WebEasy can automatically insert line break tags (
) at the end of lines when building HTML files, so if you are not careful the above code could be output as follows:

This is 
color="#ff0000">red text.

When you preview your site, this would result in text similar to the following appearing in your page:

This is color="#ff0000">red text.

Further, if you enter invalid HTML code (for example you forget a closing tag), the code you have entered can affect the rest of your page in strange ways - items can move to different positions, or text can become linked when it should not be. If your page is behaving strangely and you have added HTML code using the above method, please remove the HTML code you have added and preview your site again. Your page should then work as expected.