This page exists so that the file names for your web pages are kept consistent.


If you have WebEasy Professional and have built your site as DHTML, the Advanced Options allow you to pick one of the following styles:
- Standard
- Centered on full screen (Kiosk style)
- Centered - navigated by numbers
- Centered - navigated by icons
- Split with last page as frame

If you select the "Standard" style, your web site will be built with this redirector page. If you select any of the other styles your web site will be built into a "frameset", and the redirector page will be replaced with the page that defines this frameset. In other words, the redirector page will not appear - you will go directly to your site.

To change the web site style, do the following:

1) Go to the "Build" menu and select "Web Site (HTML)"
2) On the screen that appears check the box labeled "Dynamic HTML".
3) Click the "Advanced" button to open the Advanced Options screen.
4) Select the desired style from the "Web Site style" drop-down list.
5) Click "OK" to close the Advanced Options screen.
6) Click "OK" to build your site, or "Cancel" to return to your design.

Alternately, if you do not wish to build your site in a frameset, see the KB article at the following link: