Occurs: This error occurs when the partition that had System Commander installed into it was formatted or deleted without first uninstalling System Commander or System Commander is unable to read its files on the hard drive.

Solution: To correct this, boot the computer with Boot Utility Diskette #1. At the a:\ prompt, type: checkmbr /mbr <enter>. This command will load a new Master Boot Record without affecting your partition data. Remove the diskette and reboot your computer. It should now boot normally into your OS.

Note: Version 6 does not have this functionality. If you have this version or do not have Boot Utility Diskette #1, you can use a DOS or Windows 95/98/Me Startup diskette. Once you have booted from the diskette, at the a:\ prompt, type: fdisk /mbr <enter>. This will accomplish the same function.

CAUTION: If the computer is using a drive overlay like EZ-Drive or Disk Manager (rare in any computer newer than 1999) do not perform the above procedure. Please call or e-mail technical support for more information.