Partition Commander Pro can be run under most DOS and DOS like environments including: MS-DOS, PC-DOS, or our DOS98 (which is supplied on the Restart Diskette 2). It will also run from Windows 95/98/Me boot diskettes, and shutdown to MS-DOS under Windows 95/98. It cannot be run directly from a Windows DOS box while Windows is running.

The program SCOSW.EXE is used to run Partition Commander Pro. In addition, other files must be in the same directory as this file. You will also need all of the other non-hidden files found on the restart diskette 1. The code page files on diskette 1 and 2 are only required if you need to perform NTFS to FAT conversions. If you do not need this feature, you do not need any of the files with a .cpi extension.

To invoke Partition Commander Pro at the command line or in a batch file, you need to include several command line options. The following will start Partition Commander in Graphics, with the Partition Wizard.

scosw pcwizard reboot

The PCWIZARD option starts the product and is always required. The REBOOT option ensures a reboot will be issued upon exit. Without the reboot options, some situations may allow exit without reboot.

To invoke a script, use the following command line with the filename of the script file:

scosw pcwizard reboot script=filename