In this example, we are working on drive 0, and we will create one primary partition, an extended partition, and a logical partition within the extended partition. We will be using the create command described in the Partition Commander Pro manual. Comments are marked at the side in green and are not part of the script.

/create 0, 0 -s3000 Create the Primary, 3 GB 
/format 0, 0 Format Primary 
/create 0, 1 -s3000 E Create Extended, 3 GB 
/create 0, 2 -s2500 Create Logical, 2.5 GB 
/format 0, 2 Format Logical

Note that the entry number (the 2nd field) for each item in the partition table including empty areas are assigned a number in sequence. In this example, after the tasks above are complete, the Primary is 0, Extended is 1, the fist Logical is 2, the empty area within the extended is 3 (which could be used for a 500 MB Logical partition), and if there were additional free space beyond the extended, it would be 4.