If you have a mouse that is not supported by System Commander, Partition Commander, Copy Commander or DriveWorks, you can navigate in the Partioning screen by using the DOS keys.

For items on the Menu Bar, press Alt plus the Underlined letter (Alt U). The underlined letter is usually the first letter of the word, such as Alt-B for Bold, Alt-C for Copy. Once you have highlighted the desired Menu option, use the up and down arrow keys to highlight your choice. Then press Enter. For other options on the screen, press the Tab key until the choice is highlighted and then press Enter. If you want to select partitions or free space on the drive, press the TAB key until Drive 0, or Drive 1 or the Drive number below the cylinder is highlighted in white: then press the up arrow key until you have selected, with black bars on the sides, the partition or free space you want. Then press Alt-C, for create, Alt-D, for delete, Alt-R for resize, etc. For the keys in the windows, you can use horizontal arrow keys to highlight the choice and then press Enter, or use the Alt key, as an example, Alt-N for Next. To be able to uncheck or check a box, Tab until that option is selected and us your Space bar to uncheck it.