To install SuSE:

Reboot onto the SuSE CD. 
Select Installation. 
Select New Installation.

Before accepting "INSTALLATION SETTINGS", click on Partitioning. 
Choose 'Create custom partition setup' 
Choose 'Custom Partitioning'. 
Select the Linux Native partition so it is highlighted and click on the Edit button. 
Change the Mount Point box so it includes the forward slash "/". 
You can also change the format of the partition to EXT3 if you want. 
Click OK and then Next.

Back at the "INSTALLATION SETTINGS", scroll down and select Booting. 
Confirm that GRUB is being written to the MBR and then click Accept.

Now you can Accept the "INSTALLATION SETTINGS" and finish installing SuSE.

When you reboot, you will come to the GRUB menu.
Select "Windows" to boot to your OS where System/Partition Commander is installed. 
Boot to the desktop. 
Then just shut down and reboot.
Booting to where System Commander is, will run a sub program that will capture the GRUB and enable System Commander.

On the selection menu, if we captured the GRUB correctly, you should now have a Linux option residing at GRUB_MBR, which you will use to boot your Linux.