1. From the System Commander OS selection menu at boot time, highlight the operating 
system choice on the menu that you wish to hide some partition(s) from, and then press 
the Alt+S keys or click on Settings.. 
2. Select the Specific OS Options choice and press the Enter key. 
3. Under Current Selection, select the which OS boot choice you wish to change the way 
hiding works. 
4. Under Partitions Visible/Hidden, select drive 0 and press the Enter key. 
5. This will take you to the Access Control menu. Click on each partition listed to make 
the desired partitions show as hidden. Click Ok. 
6. Under Partitions Visible/Hidden, select the next drive (if you have multiple drives) 
and press the Enter key. Repeat steps 5 and 6 until you have made all the partitions 
you wish hidden for this OS choice.