Unfortunately we are not compatible with HighPoint RAID/controller cards because their drivers write to the same sectors of the Master Boot Record that we do. Neither System Commander, Partition Commander nor HighPoint check to see if the sectors are free or being used, so we overwrite each other.

Possible results:

1. blank screen on boot

2. boot 00 errors

3. can break the RAID

4. may not be able to get into Manual Partitioning

As long as you only want to partition drives not included in the RAID array, it's fine. Just don't install either Partition Commander or System Commander and don't do anything to the drives in the array, even though we see the array correctly. It will not fail to install or give any indication during the installation that there is a problem.

Simply boot the System/Partition/Copy Commander CD or Restart disk #2. All the partitioning tools are available by booting either media. Our testing shows no other incompatibilities with installing while using any other manufacture's RAID or controller card.