Windows 2000/XP have the ability to utilize 'Dynamic Disk.' Microsoft defines Dynamic Disk as, "a physical disk that contains dynamic volumes created by using 'Disk Management.' Dynamic disks do not use traditional partition tables like primary and extended partitions (logical drives); therefore dynamic disks cannot be accessed by MS-DOS, Windows 95, Windows Millennium Edition (ME) or Windows NT operating systems." Because dynamic disk does not use a traditional partition table, VCOM products cannot install to or resize dynamic disks.

Partition Commander 8, Partition Commander 9 and System Commander 8 all have the ability to convert Dynamic Disk to Basic at which time you can then repartition your drives, then reinstall Dynamic Disk if you wish. For upgrade information please see this page:

Copy Commander will only properly copy drives while they are Basic. Copy Commander will copy a Dynamic drive, but the copied drive will not be a valid copy, due to the Dyanmic volume.