This is the second part of a troubleshooting process for problems updating pattern files for v9 or later. If you have not already done so, please go through the troubleshooting on this page before attempting any of this:

Problems updating pattern files in v9 or later. (KB000012)

You should only be performing this troubleshooting if the testing from the previous page completed successfully. In that case, please try the following to resolve your issue:

In order to correct a potential problem with the installation, please on the AVSupportTool.exe link shown below. When prompted, click the Save option. You will want to save this file to the SystemSuite or Fix-It installation folder. After it is saved, browse to that folder and double-click the AVSupportTool.exe file to launch the application. Then, click on the Repair button. If there are any problems with the program's configuration, this application will correct those errors.


Now try a pattern file update as you normally would.

Note: If you connect through a proxy server, you will need to use this program to enter those settings. Most computers do not use any proxy settings. If you do not know what those settings are or do not know what this refers to, please do not enable the Proxy settings. This may cause further complications with the software. Only use this if you are certain you connect through a proxy server and have the proxy server information.