You got this notification from PC Cleaner because the transfer of account data from your computer to the router is not encrypted. This leaves you open to attackers who may want to steal credit card details or other information that is sent or received by any device on your network.

How to fix this problem

Update router firmware

Updating your router’s firmware can improve your network security. Some routers update their firmware automatically, but others do not. It is recommended to always install the latest available updates to keep your network secure. Here are the essential things to know when manually updating your router’s firmware:

  1. You will need your device model number. You can find the model number on PC Cleaner router scan results screen or you can check for a sticker on the bottom of the router that may have this information.
  2. Go to the router manufacturers website
  3. Look for your router model
  4. Click the latest firmware version to view instructions on how to update the firmware
  5. Follow instructions to install the updates

If updating the firmware does not fix the problem, you may need to contact your router manufacturer for additional help.