This error happens if you are doing a resizing of the partition during the image restore, or you have resized a partition on your drive after an image was created and you are restoring that image back to that resized partition later on.

An example would be, you have 2 partitions C and D, you did a backup of your drive C, and during the restoration of you drive C, you are also asking Perfect Image to enlarge the partition during the image restore because you are running out of space.

To be able to do a restore after a resizing, and when getting a 0x1200e error:

Please download the "" at the bottom of the page.  After it downloads, extract the contents to your Desktop.  Then, double-click the "volfix.exe" that has been extracted.  This will 'clean up' your partitions and then you will be able to do your backups and restores.