Boot Management GoBack (from Wildfile/Roxio) is incompatible with all boot managers, including System Commander. GoBack resides in the MBR, where a boot manager must reside. Currently GoBack does not have a workaround for this situation. If you prefer to have the ability to boot multiple operating systems instead of having GoBack, you must disable GoBack, and then remove it BEFORE installing any boot manager, such as System Commander. Partitioning and Copying GoBack changes the existing partitioning type (FAT, FAT32, etc.) to it's own proprietary format. While GoBack is active, the partitions are incompatible with all partitioning products, including V Communications Partition Commander, System Commander and DriveWorks. In addition, it is incompatible with all other partitioning products, including FDISK. GoBack recommends disabling GoBack first, and then all partitioning products can access the partition normally. Once the partitioning operations are complete, you can re-enable GoBack to have GoBack update its structures and change the partition type back to GoBack.If you attempt to run any partitioning product with GoBack left enabled, the partition type will often appear as Unknown. If you delete the partition, all of the data will be lost!

Copy Commander will be able to copy a drive with GoBack, but it will not be able to AutoExpand the copy. You will need to disable GoBack before the copy to have it resize to the full size of the new drive. Once you have the new drive booting on it's own, you can then re-enable GoBack.