All VCOM products including System Commander, Partition Commander and DriveWorks are fully compatible. In rare situations, Norton System Works can display a confusing error message that if "corrected" could damage the partition.

Warnings from Norton products 
In some situations, Norton may display a message that there is a virus or Norton wants to update the DOS/Windows boot record during start up.

For example, this might occur when using the Norton Emergency Repair disk, when you are locked out of your system due to disk problems. The Norton message might appear like:

Error on drive X: -- Invalid Disk Table in Boot Record

"The Boot Record contains a table that describes the logical characteristics of your Disk, including the total number of sectors."

"Correct this situation ONLY if you are unable to access drive E: properly. Please note that this repair may take a long time on large FAT 32 drives. Do you wish to correct this problem? "

Yes No Cancel

Select NO at this screen 
When Norton is installed it saves the current boot record during its installation. Using a partitioning product like Partition Commander or System Commander will modify the partition table which makes the information that Norton previously saved invalid.

Running a Norton repair here may also leave the partition labeled as unformatted. Norton repair will leave the partition will be inaccessible. All data and OSes in that partition are lost or corrupted beyond recovery. A reinstallation of the OS and applications, and restoration of data from a backup copy (if one was made) will be necessary.

Remove and reinstall Norton. This will update the saved information and there will be no further error messages from Norton.