**You can set your website font sizes to change dynamically along with changes in the browser window width. This does not effect all elements in the site so it is best to test this locally to guarantee a satisfactory results prior to proceeding.**

Try the following:

  1. Go to view > inspector
  2. Choose 'document' from the drop-down in the upper-right corner.
  3. Navigate to Properties > Page Settings > Measurement
  4. Double-click the box and choose 'percentage of page width'
  5. Build and preview the site to view the results

Here is some additional information on sizing of fonts.

You can change the units that your document uses for all the measurement values when your site is built. It is important to note that changing the value for the measurement units will not effect how your site looks within web easy. You will notice the difference when you build or preview your site in a web browser.

Style Description Relative to Font Size. This option sizes everything on your page relative to the font size the user has selected for their web browser.

Absolute Pixels Size The page by pixels, page is sized relative to the viewing device.

Absolute Points Size. The page by points used by CSS 2.1 are equal to 1/72th of an inch.

Percentage of Page Width. Items on the page are resized and moved relative to the page size. They will only be resized or moved when the horizontal width of the browser window changes.

Another way to stop the resizing in internet explorer is to specify the font size units in pixels. You can not do this through web easy so it would be a matter of changing the code manually before uploading. To do this replace the font tags such as with an explicit pixel size as follows (uses a CSS font-size style), Firefox will still resize this text, but IE will always display it at 13px