You cannot modify your website so that the content automatically fills the browser window. Web Easy only creates websites of a fixed width. You can increase the width of your website or you can centre the contents of your website in the browser window.1: Increase the width of your websiteNote: People who use computers with low resolution monitors will be forced to use the horizontal scrollbars if your website is too wide.

  1. Click on the background of your website.
  2. Choose "Size..." from the "Modify" menu.
  3. Modify the settings to your liking. It is a good idea to choose settings which suit most users. 800 pixels wide is a suitable choice used by many web developers.
  4. Click the "OK" button.2: Center the contents of your website (Web Easy Professional only)
  5. Choose "Web Site (HTML)..." from the "Build" menu. A dialog box will be displayed.
  6. Tick the "Dynamic HTML" checkbox.
  7. Click the "Advanced..." button. Another dialog box will appear.
  8. You can choose a style for your website in the bottom left corner of the dialog box. Choose the website style "Centered on full screen (Kiosk style)".
  9. Click the "OK" button.
  10. Click the "OK" button.Your website will now build. When you open your website in your web browser, the content of your website should appear in the centre of the browser window. Equal spaces should appear on either side of the website.